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The Harvard College South Asian Women’s Collective (SAWC) is concerned with providing a cultural and social community for those interested in issues concerning South Asian women and femmes.


SAWC aims to foster meaningful discussions, new friendships, and a sense of belonging and comfort on Harvard's campus to empower members on campus and beyond. SAWC plans a mix of academic, social and cultural events that are open to all Harvard College students.


We seek to represent that various ways in which the South Asian woman identity can manifest itself in students, with the hopes that SAWC can be a space where anyone who identifies as a South Asian woman or ally feels comfortable and welcome.


Amidst the bustle of college life, SAWC aims to cultivate a social space that creates lifetime bonds and a sense of family among its members.


SAWC is a group of powerful individuals, and we strive to continue empowering our members and those in surrounding communities to make positive strides on campus and in our societies.

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Since 2016, when Harvard College SAWC was restarted by presidents Kruti Vora and Kavya Pathak, it has been dedicated to bringing together South Asian women on Harvard's campus in an inclusive community to foster meaningful bonds and engage in dialogue about issues this community faces. Over the past few years, due to strong commitments from students and a desire to carry this legacy forward, SAWC has grown to share this sense of community and empowerment both on Harvard's campus and beyond.

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